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Welcome to my portfolio! I am a web designer/developer looking for web development work! I just finished up my web development degree at Central Oregon Community College. I have taken classes to aquire skills in such categories as :Javascript, jquery HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, PHP, Ajax and SQL.

My Web Developing Internship was done at Landing Page Experts which turned into a job to help me dive in deeper into the world of Web Development. My job title was Quality Control and Testing Specialist. I have learned more about SEO, A/B testing and basic requirements and layout for Web Sites. Also I am involved with building sites that respond to all devices including Desktop, tablet and phone.

I have been married to Denise Rhyner for 5 years. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and anticipate his return and reign! I love my church family and my immediate family! I love dogs especially my Hogan whom we lost in April a year ago. I still miss him! I enjoy fishing when I have the time, and really enjoy learning new things! I’m blessed to have two sisters and have my mom in my life!

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