Resume-Steve Rhyner


  • Ability to find the answers if I don't know the answer!
  • Motivated to work hard to be the best
  • Work well as a team member, ability to get along with everyone.
  • My desire for knowledge, improvement, and advancement


Chris Winans- Supervisor

Landing Page Experts
210 SW Wilson Ave Ste #105
Bend,OR 97702

Ken Swartwout- Professor

Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way
Bend,OR 97701

Ralph Phillips- Professor

Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way
Bend,OR 97702

My Objective

To continuously improve in the field of Computers! I started with web development skills, through education and work related experiences and thought that was the type of job I would find.   I ended up working at GLSolutions as an IT Tech/Support doing network related tasks. I like doing it all and knowing about every aspect of the computer related business.  In this field, it is continuous learning, there is always something new to learn and the way things are done are always changing as well. My goal is to be a valuable employee and continue to learn and grow in this field.


  • Currently work at GLSolutions as an IT Support/Computer Tech
  • Internship and employment at Landing Page Experts-Quality Control and Testing Specialist
  • Central Oregon Community College Computer Labs(work study)
  • Computer Science and Web Development degree  at Central Oregon Community College


Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way
Bend, OR 97701

June 2012- 2015

Major: Computer Science and Web Development
Deans List, 4.0 GPA (in computer classes)

Why hire Steve Rhyner?  

-honesty & integrity

-hardest worker you will find

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