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The time we have to live is not for us to decide, it is for us to decide what to do with that time!

wife and me

A little bit about me!I am a 40 year old x-self employed stone mason. I am looking to switch to a career in computer science. Not sure which direction I will end up taking in the field, as I am exploring a variety of different paths to take! Currently attending Central Oregon Community college. I am married to Denise Rhyner and I'm blessed to be with her . We have been married for almost four years. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and anticipate his return and reign! I love my church family and my normal family! I love dogs especially our Hogan whom we lost in April a year ago. I still miss him! I enjoy fishing when I have the time, and really seem to enjoy learning new things! I'm blessed to have two sisters and have my Mom in my life! I also enjoy watching the Seattle Seahawks!

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kirby Puckett

A website that I frequently go to is Amazon is a site that is mainly used for shopping, although they have added other features such as movie streaming, which is kind of nice. The first thing I like about it is that the home page is simple and short. You don't have to scroll down to far to see the complete page. The simplicity of the site makes it easy to read and find quickly the links you want to find. All of the important links a customer needs is at the top of the page in plain site. I can't stand searching for a link. The page isn't to cluttered up with 100 links and isn't to cluttered up with designs. The page is pretty straight forward to use, even beginners can maneuver around quite easily. If I had to pick something that I don't like about the page is that there is a couple of ads that don't pertain to the site. I don't mind ads that amazon is trying to sell but ads from other vendors is annoying.